Air Con Re-Gassing

You can’t deny it: living in the tropics means finding ways to survive the heat. Australia has warm weather all year round, so having a functioning car air conditioner is an absolutely must.

If you find that your A/C is throwing air out at full blast with little effect, then it could be time for a re-gas.

Your evaporator may no longer be working or it could be a symptom of a greater fault. If left unchecked, this could take a much larger toll on your car, not to mention having to endure a stinking hot journey to work every day.

Many people don’t realise that this mod con requires monitoring as regular as car servicing. Depending on the vehicle, your air con may need a re-gas every 1-2 years.

Having it looked after by a qualified professional will keep your system running safely and efficiently – and save you a lot of money in the long run.

From $88, Cairns Auto Spark can re-gas your air con and return you to coolness and comfort.

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