Full Vehicular Diagnostics

Vehicles are complex machines that require constant care.

Just like every other tool they are subject to wear and tear. Problems won’t always be noticeable, especially if your vehicle appears to be working fine and you’re not actively looking for them.

That’s why a vehicle diagnosis by a fully trained electrician is so important to your vehicle’s upkeep and longevity. Professionals know what to look for and can provide a comprehensive check of all your electrical systems.

At Cairns Auto Spark, we pride ourselves on coming to you.

Whether you need roadside assistance or are stranded in the carpark, our fully-equipped mobile service can reach you anywhere.

Driving an old model, heavy vehicle or sophisticated modern car? No problem. Our experience of automotive electronics and expertise allows us to work with a variety of vehicle types.

Normally priced at $132, our mobile service is offered at an unbeatable $66.

Contact us today: 0477 555 282

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Flat Car Batteries

Flat Car Batteries

We’ve all heard the stories. Someone had a smooth drive to work, and then at knock off time they put the key into their car’s ignition and the damned thing won’t start

Air Con Re-Gassing

Air Con Re-Gassing

You can’t deny it: living in the tropics means finding ways to survive the heat. Australia has warm weather all year round, so having a functioning car air conditioner is an absolutely must.

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