Cairns Auto Spark and Mechanical

Your Premier Provider of Car Diagnostics in Cairns


Cairns Auto Spark & Mechanical is your premier provider of car diagnostics in Cairns. Contact our experienced team to find out more and get a free quote on our car servicing. Our quality solution helps to identify faults in your vehicle so they can be repaired before they become a major issue.

A Comprehensive Car Servicing Solution

Electrical issues can be a major problem in modern vehicles. Cairns Auto Spark & Mechanical are auto electrical specialists, with years of experience and know-how in car diagnostics, car servicing and vehicle repair.

Today’s vehicles come with high levels of sophisticated electrical and electronic components that require an experienced hand to administer, diagnose, repair or replace. Things like electronic fuel pumps, sensors, air conditioning, wiring, lighting, alternators, the electronic ignition system, trailer braking systems or electronic fuel systems can be vulnerable to faults.

All of these areas are highly complex and require skill and knowledge to achieve an efficient and effective repair. Cairns Auto Spark & Mechanical specialises in electrical diagnosis in all vehicles. Our highly trained technicians will listen to your problem and then get to work to determine the possible cause of any issue using our state-of-the-art diagnostic software.

Contact Us for a Reliable Car Service

You can always rely on our trusted professionals to understand your vehicle and its problem. We strive to seek the best and most cost-effective vehicle repair or replacement, keeping you informed along the way. Whether it’s your electronic ignition system, trailer braking systems or anything else, we’ll find the right solution. We’re proud to have built an excellent reputation for our personal customer service, excellent workmanship and competitive rates, so feel free to get in touch now and find out how we can help.

Book online for a reliable car service with state-of-the-art diagnostics from our skilled team.

Best Vehicle Diagnostic Service

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Vehicle Diagnostics Experts

Battery Charging System

Best Vehicle Diagnostics

ABS Braking Systems

Top notch Vehicle Diagnostics

Ignition and Starting System

Fuel Supply Systems and Injectors

Ignition and Starting System

Battery Charging System

Air Bag & ABS Braking Systems

Camshaft and crankshaft sensors

Emissions monitoring

Our team prides themselves in providing the best service, expert advice & competitive pricing for the Cairns Region. You can also use our online booking tool to schedule in a time that suits you.


What does a vehicle diagnostic test involve?

It involves using specialized equipment to scan your car’s computer for error codes and pinpoint any issues.

Why do I need a diagnostic test for my car?

To diagnose and fix any problems before they worsen, potentially causing further damage and increasing repair costs.

How long does a diagnostic test take?

Usually less than an hour.

Can I fix my car myself based on the diagnostic test results?

It depends on your experience and the problem. Some issues may require specialized tools and knowledge, so it’s best to leave it to a qualified mechanic.




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